Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The High Kings

I can't help it! I've got to go and do Jury Service tomorrow and I'm told there can be a lot of 'waiting about' - so I'm looking for things to load up on the iPod! That's my excuse anyway!

I'm not much of a reviewer I must say. If I like something, I have lots to say about it - if I don't I have very little to offer. So, if it appears on my blog at all, I probably love it! As with this little offering...

Anyway... I came across a fine group of Irish folk singers, The High Kings. They are upbeat and have great voices, and beautiful harmonies (see the second video below).

The four young men have a fine pedigree:

  • Finbarr Clancy, son of Bobby Clancy of the Clancy Brothers; 
  • Martin Furey, son of Finbar Furey of the Furey Brothers & Davey Arthur; 
  • Darren Holden, a prolific songwriter who was lead singer with Riverdance on broadway among many other things;
  • and Brian Dunphy, son of Sean Dunphy of Irish show-band fame.

If you like the Irish Pub Song (video above) you can download it for free from The High Kings website.

If that one isn't quite your cup of tea, try this more traditional one...

And if anyone who prefers dancemixes reads this blog, I suggest you try this one: 'Step It Out Mary' - another free download here.

I really enjoy their music...hope you do too!


  1. Moira, have you heard this on ,

    They are sure to bring a smile on a miserable, snowy day.

  2. Thanks Zetor!! No I hadn't seen this one.
    Phil the Fluter's Ball was one of my Father's favourites - actually he loved many of Percy French's songs. And I too love this one ...
    "Hoppin' in the middle like
    a herrin' on a griddle-o..." :)
    I'm delighted the High Kings are giving these traditional songs a new lease of life.