Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another Saturday ... another important event to miss. : (

My youngest (11) has come down with a mystery illness - a mouthful of ulcers - about 20 of them everywhere from his tongue right back to his tonsils! He's had only one or maybe two mouth ulcers in his life to date - so this is truly a mystery. He can't talk or eat, and the painkillers are not really helping.

Having seen a doctor, and administered the dreaded antibiotics, we've established there is no sinister cause. He is generally in the peak of health, and not prone to bugs or sickness at all, so this, out of the blue, is very strange.  After talking with other mums, I suspect it is stress; that he is 'run down', maybe due to the subconscious pressure of secondary school and its expectations of him. It's a fact that missed homework has consequences now, when only last year, I might never even have known if he failed to submit it. He certainly doesn't seem stressed or worried about anything at all - but the recession and my own stresses and dwindling income probably affects all of us. Something else to feel guilty about...

I have an interview on Monday - so anyone reading this yet - do pray please. It's not a job I really want - but I get so few interviews these days from all my applications - I'd be glad to get it!! My choices, skills and preferences play less and less a part in this job hunt.

In the meantime - I wanted to be a part of the 500 Crosses for Life Prayer Procession taking place as I write.  Three of my children will be there Thank God, and I know there will be a great turnout. But reparation for abortion, contraception, euthanasia and the generally anti-life culture is so desperately needed. So perhaps, I'll leave this little blog of mine for now, and go and add a Rosary to the efforts of those who actually turned up.

God bless,


  1. There are some wonderful tablets for mouth ulcers - you can buy them from the chemist - which are the best thing to clear them up quickly and relieve the pain. They're actually hydrocortisone, and you let them dissolve on the site of the biggest ulcer.

    The tablets taste horrible, but they really do relieve the pain. The brand name is Corlan, I think. It was recommended to me by a pharmacist when I had a very bad bout - not something to which I'm prone, thank goodness.

  2. Thanks Mac - I'll note this for future reference. We've been relying on Rinstead Pastilles and Bonjela for years - but have only ever had the odd one or two to deal with.

    Incidentally, I did follow that post with a Rosary - well I recited the prayers and my youngest with the sore mouth, 'mmmm..d' along beside me....

    Fortunately he had recovered completely within the week, and was in fine form for his brother's Confirmation.