Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What a palaver - the Pope said nothing wrong!

Whatever he says - the Pope is the Pope, and those of us who understand that might hold back on the criticism for a bit, remember God plays a part in all this, and wait and see.

Imho what is really bothering everyone is less about the Pope's words and intentions (which were completely acceptable) and more about the relationship between the Church and the World. We know that relationship is unsavoury and shouldn't be surprised at all the hoohah.

The Pope didn't even endorse the action in question (i.e. advising a prostitute to use a condom by way of lessening the consequences of his sin) - if we ignore the media and manipulative interpretations - he seems to have simply been dealing with worldly notions of 'good'.

It is a fact - in a secular circumstance - that such a prostitute may have no qualms about infecting others with a deadly disease - and with no moral background may be prompted - through humanity - to reduce the harm he causes in such a way. 

Both he, and all the secular 'care workers' the world over would see this as a 'step in the right direction' - more in the sense of his state of mind and motivation than any spiritual step. I can't see any difficulty in agreeing wholeheartedly with the Pope - that we can see why this could be so considered

I really don't see that he gave it any blessing or permission - only that he understands why it could be perceived as a good. And should that one small flawed step be the start of a more compassionate way of life - then other questions can be dealt with.

To my mind - this is a storm in a teacup. All this stuff about whether he was talking about the intention or the act; whether he was speaking on a personal basis or as pontiff - it's all completely irrelevant and a diversion. However he put it, (and I have read different versions!) all it boils down to is a compassion for desperate people who might do otherwise dreadful things in a hope of improving a diabolical situation. What on earth has that to do with doctrine or the Church teaching on faith and morals?

There are many Words of the Lord in the Bible that seem to say dreadful things - unconnected with His Love, Justice or Mercy. Without the teaching of the Church - we would all be doing what the media is doing now with the Pope's words.  But none of us ever say "What was He thinking - where were St Gabriel and His PR advisors...???"


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