Monday, November 22, 2010

UPDATE: Not exactly a scam - but not honest either - thank goodness!

So - fortunately - it is highly unlikely that the below mentioned couple will follow the dictates of an internet poll.  See one US source, and one UK source.  I think 'fraudster' is a bit misplaced - as they are in fact expecting the baby, gaining absolutely nothing from the poll exercise, and the wife has now been fired from her job.  It was meant to be a 'provocative' exercise, I would imagine - and they got what they bargained for. 
While the figures show how the anti-life forces work (pornographic and other awful websites were soliciting votes for abortion from their members with promises of crude pictures and so on) - I think it is good to remember that - taking the world as a whole - there is a quiet majority that differ with the loud mob.
Ah well.... a vote for life is never wasted.
Poll: Vote on whether this couple should give birth or have an abortion?
I know it's not a numbers game... And I can't imagine why a couple would want to poll total strangers to help them make this decision.  They claim it is sincere - I'm just hoping that, regardless of the outcome - the messages and comments they have recieved will help move them toward the right decision.
However please take a moment to click on the link - the poll is on the right of the page near top - the current results are:  38.68% in favour of giving birth / 61.32% in favour of abortion.
Thanks to Grace for sending me this information.


  1. A tragic thing to find on line; but excellent of you to help sensible Catholics have a chance to be true to the Faith . . .

    And I agree with Mac : you have a fun blog, which I shall keep a close eye on !

  2. Hi Moira can you add my blog Lead kindly light please?