Monday, November 29, 2010

How do bloggers do it...?

After the weighty and important matters of 'What the Pope said' and 'The Pope's vigil for all Nascent Life' I'm finding it really difficult to post anything about me and mine at all!  Though we've been run off our feet this weekend past, it seems (by way of comparison) like none of it carries any import whatsoever...

How do you bloggers do it??

To revert to the frivolous and the mundane seems almost ridiculous.  Funny, I never felt like that about discussing devotions, liturgical feasts and so on, but really they are on another plane entirely - one which we try hard to bring into our day-to-day existence - so it doesn't seem quite so ridiculous to move on to what we had for breakfast... etc..

None the less... I can  review a first class show I was fortunate to see on Friday.  And shall now, in a separate post.


  1. Well, if I haven't anything else, I'm always ready to post about dear Msgr. Georg and how funny he is and how good he is to the Pope and how lucky he is in living so near the Pope...and all that. Well, I'm ready for that even when I have important things to post about.

  2. I see what you mean :)
    I do love your photos at

  3. Silly me, I just now realized you commented back.
    Thank you.